NSAi is an industry leader in designing and implementing enterprise management solutions. After years of investment in infrastructure and applications, sound business practices require more proactive diagnostic tools to better manage the information infrastructure.

While many companies have already invested in monitoring tools, these existing tools may not monitor the end-user experience, are not fully implemented, and lack root cause analysis and event correlation capabilities. Missing are trending and resource analyses, application monitoring, event automation, resource management, and other objective monitoring expectations necessary for survival in a service driven operations environment.

Best practices in enterprise management include monitoring not only for availability, but also for network and application response times, QoS, reporting and SLA attainment. Managing enterprise applications as a service and monitoring and measuring these applications to improve end user experience are critical strategic tasks.

This ability to monitor end-to-end application performance greatly enhances the ROI (Return On Investment) of the investment in enterprise management tools by allowing companies to minimize MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and proactively improve the IT customer experience.

NSAi’s Enterprise Management services enable companies to gain additional ROI through:

  • IT Staff Efficiency gains range from 17% to 77% with an increase in number of users or managed servers per IT staff member. This allows for the redeployment of existing IT staff to more strategic projects and promotes proactive management, which in turn reduces MTTR.
  • End User Productivity gains of 20% due to reduction of IT service downtime, a decrease in network, application, and protocol response time degradation, a reduction in MTTR and an increase in proactive management.
  • Revenue gains due to the reduction of downtime and slowly responding applications, preventing dissatisfied customers and lost business.

Let NSAi help you get the most out of your enterprise management infrastructure.