Any enterprise management project starts with an analysis of the requirements for your organization. No two organizations have the same requirements of their enterprise management system. NSAi interviews business and IT managers to develop a clear understanding of current monitoring capabilities, reporting requirements and business drivers to enhance end-to-end performance management of IT services. We will develop a plan for client review and approval that incorporates budgetary, resource, knowledge transfer and documentation requirements.  Based upon the initial assessment, NSAi will:

Design and install the base products

NSAi engineers will determine the correct configuration for your environment.  If your offices are distributed, a manager of managers or follow-the-sun architecture may be prescribed. Failover capabilities will be configured to ensure availability of the enterprise management service at all times.

Configuration of policies

The proper configuration of policies can be the difference between retaining a working solution and retaining shelf-ware.  More often than not, this is where organizations fail.  NSAi’s configuration methodologies decrease the volume of alerts and false positives so that your service views accurately reflect the health of your environment.

Configuration of Smart PlugIns

Smart PlugIns often serve as an integration point between your enterprise management product and other popular third party products and services.  They reduce the cost of owning dozens of different monitoring solutions by bridging the gaps between the solutions you already own, or just between the software you own and your monitoring environment.

Take for example, databases.  A Smart PlugIn for databases will connect your enterprise monitoring products with your databases and their vital processes.  If a database fails, a properly configured monitoring product will attempt corrective actions and dispatch a critical alert.  If the corrective actions succeed, the critical alert will be downgraded utilizing a preconfigured event correlation mechanism.

Custom integration

It would be nearly impossible to create a Smart PlugIn for every third party software package or homegrown script.  Our engineers and a phenomenal set of products make it possible for any organization to have real “end-to-end” solution.


Powerful reporting is vital to the success every organization.  Reporting provides valuable information on the health of an environment through the use of key performance indicators.  NSAi will assist you in identifying important KPI’s, and converting data from those KPI’s into useful and informative reports.