Publications by NSAi Team Members

Planning a Data Center by Steve Kieffer, Will Spencer, Art Schmidt, and Steve Lyszyk

A data center is a very large investment for most companies, one that will provide a return on investment over a very long period of time. To ensure that ROI (Return on Investment), a great deal of forethought and planning is required.

Securing Cisco Routers by Steve Kieffer

Lately in security, it seems that the attention has been focused on perimeter and server security. Less attention seems to be given to the security of the actual network infrastructure. Central to the network infrastructure are its routers and routing protocols.

This paper focuses on securing your Cisco routers. Cisco IOS provides many options for configuration and this document will guide you in configuring it securely.

Network Security Assessment by Will Spencer

Network security assessment is the single most effective method for assuring your organizations information assets are secure against intrusion. This document discusses the process of conducting an effective network security assessment.

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