Expand your business, reach more customers, and bring in more revenue.  Windows Azure can help you do just that by creating cloud applications, online services, and websites.  With the help of Microsoft SQL Azure, Microsoft creates a platform that can help you deliver exciting, productive, and flexible solutions that will focus on achieving your business goals.

Windows Azure is both flexible and scalable.  It runs on Microsoft Windows 2008 architecture, with x64-based virtual machines, and Windows Azure Hypervisor.  Service integration is available in Azure via service bus, and leverages robust access control components. It supports a variety of tools, frameworks, and programming languages. Client libraries are also available in a broad range of programming languages and released open source via GitHub.

Features and Benefits

  • SLA’s are provided for both computing and storage
  • Ensures monthly connectivity SLA’s 99.95% of the time
  • Detects application downtime within 2 minutes and initiates corrective actions
  • Improves performance and reduces latency with distributed caching and CDN support
  • Supports attached hosting, internet, and application services
  • Supports .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Visual Studio, Eclipse, HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML and more
  • Programming model shortens time to market
  • Adapts quickly to growing service demands