HP storage solutions come in many flavors to satisfy your growing needs.  NSAi will be with you every step of the way to help you choose and/or maintain the best solution for your needs.

 HP EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software

HP EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software (DCM) provides a comprehensive solution that

  • automates storage provisioning
  • improves capacity utilization for the HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family.
  • advanced automation to “right-size” the supported file system and the
  • EVA virtual disk (Vdisk) storage volume to the needs of an application.

Managing your EVA has never been so easy.  An administrator can simply specify a capacity utilization range for each Vdisk. Policies can be set up with wizards and very little effort that will help you increase storage utilization and reduce operational costs.

HP LeftHand P4000 Storage

HP P4000 SANs are the perfect solution for a business the seamlessly intends to grow.  It boasts affordability  and simplified central management.  They are optimized for visualization with VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V integration.  With automated failover/failback, P4000 SANs are superior in disaster recovery and provide continuous data and application  availability.

NAS Systems

In today’s data rich environment, organizations no longer can afford not to use Network Attached Storage (NAS).  It reduces your cost of ownership by centralizing data protection, growth, and resource management.  HP offers NAS solutions for all kinds of businesses.

  • X1000 G2 Network Storage Systems for small and medium IT environments,
  • X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems that add IP-based services to arrays and SANs,
  • X5000 G2 Network Storage Systems for midsize companies with Windows-centric environments
  • X9000 Network Storage System scale-out solutions for enterprise.