HP Operations Manager is enterprise-level performance and event management solution. Considered the “ultimate” umbrella solution, it efficiently consolidates the monitoring, management, and reporting of all IT domain processes and tiers into a single, powerful console. When configured correctly, HP Operations Manager improves uptime across all layers of an IT environment, including systems, network, processes, databases, applications, and consolidated services.

Out-of-box, the solution is built on a comprehensive catalogue of policies and utilities that streamline the management of standard industry components. Unlike many solutions within this space, these policies and tools go far beyond the handling of basic system availability. HP Operations provides a “service management” view of an IT environment. Its holistic approach to monitoring and management leverages intelligent correlation engines.

Policies are deployed to servers hosting an HP Operations agent. Each deployed policy is preconfigured with conditions. The HP Operations Manager instructs each agent to proactively poll the host server OS, specific applications, and databases. During any of the polling cycles, if an event trips or matches a condition, an automated alert is triggered, at which point either an automatic (repair) action is initiated, an event is dispatched to the console, or both. An intelligent correlation engine then examines all of the dependencies related to the event and immediately maps out a “service-level” view of the situation. A practical demonstration of this would be:

A policy is dispatched to the database servers to proactively alert the console in the event of a database malfunction. A database halts on a HP Operations monitored server. The HP Operations Agent initiates an automatic action to restart the database and dispatches a critical level event to the HP Operations console. While the database server is restarting, an administrator views all services-level dependencies to the outage. Any applications or services that rely on the malfunctioning database would be then highlighted in a “Service” map. The map updates in near realtime. Once the outage has ended, the map would almost immediately reflect the status.

HP Operations is extremely customizable and also integrates with a wide variety of third party solutions through the use of Smart Plugins.  A Smart Plugin is a preconfigured policy and utility package designed to integrate with a specific product.  HP Operations already ships bundled with several popular Smart Plugin.  Additional Smart Plugins are available at an additional cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Scalable solution including Manager-of-Managers support for distributed environments.
  • Service-driven operations views provides insight into operations from a business perspective.
  • Extensive out-of-the-box offering including core Smart Plugins for immediate value.
  • Powerful diagnostic support with automatic recovery engine for decreased downtime.
  • Comprehensive reporting system with extensive out-of-box reports for real-time, long term, and short term views of the health of your business.

Operations Licensing and Pricing

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Enterprise Management Services

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