Microsoft Office 365 brings familiar applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, OneNote, and Microsoft SharePoint to the cloud.  Having access to all your collaborative tools securely from anywhere will help you grow your business quickly and more effectively than ever before.

With Office 365 server upgrades, data migrations are now an outdated concept.  Office 365 will manage your data hosting so you don’t have to.  Concentrate on meeting your deliverables instead of upgrading and maintaining your service hosting infrastructure.

Cloud-based services allow you to securely access email, perform video and messenger-based conferencing, file-share internally or externally, and collaborate on critical documents and projects from any location around the globe.

Features and Benefits

  • Access calendars and email via browser or phone.
  • Wipe all data from your device in the event of loss to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Retrieve contacts while on the go.
  • PC-to-PC video conferencing and collaboration (desktop sharing).
  • Configure access lists and share your files.
  • Expand and customize your brand via website.
  • Collaborate (read and edit) documents via PC or phone web browser.
  • We respect your privacy. You own your data.

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