HP Network Node Manager (NNM) is a scalable, multi-threaded network monitoring software solution that utilizes an intelligent probing system to locate, monitor, manage, and report on network components. Probes can be dispatched, out-of-box, to discover the physical and virtual network-related assets in your environment with minimal overhead.

NNM’s distributed management architecture it ideal for networks of all sizes. It supports a broad range of system, network, and device protocols including IPv6, HSRP, IP Telephony, Multicast and OSPF. Dynamic views and “drill down” access provide an ideal snapshot of the relationships between network assets.

NNM also ships with a powerful event correlation module (event pipeline), root cause analysis and causal engines. The event pipeline monitors event stream activity for a series of specific conditions. Matched conditions are then correlated for the causal engine. The causal engine attempts to provide deterministic root cause analysis for the all correlated events, over time, producing an overall dramatic reduction in events.

More extensive third party integrations are available via Smart Plugin.  A Smart Plugin provides seamless integration into NNM for a variety devices.  Smart Plugins are available at an additional cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased staff efficiency and mean time to repair (MTTR) through automation
  • Powerful causal engine and intelligent event correlation modules simplify root cause analysis
  • Reduced cost of ownership via continual and expedient asset discovery process
  • Accelerated deployment with rich out-of-the-box capabilities

Network Node Manager Licensing and Pricing

NSAi resells HP Network Node Manager at very reasonable prices.

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Enterprise Management Services

NSAi also provides a full range of consulting, engineering, implementation, and maintenance services surrounding HP Network Node Manager.